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1 PC Fitness Elastic Resistance Training band -(light resistance -strong resistance, 5 to choose from)

1 PC Fitness Elastic Resistance Training band -(light resistance -strong resistance, 5 to choose from)

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The Mum Shop AU-Mum Fitness Resistance Bands

Helps to keep a mum fit & Healthy 

Resistance training is one of the best methods to build muscle and get toned.

This is one of those items every mum needs to keep her pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, recovery & post-partum body healthy & strong.

Resistance training has shown to be one of, the best, fitness methods out there. You can use this simple tool while watching youtube resistance training videos for coaching in the comfort of your own home.

We have 5 styles to choose from-Light Yellow- Lowest resistance (10LB) to Purple highest resistance (40LB)



The Higher resistance bands are for the upper arms & legs. 

 The Lower resistance bands are for arms, shoulders & triceps-

For a new mum that is currently in her postpartum recovery stage, we would suggest starting off with a light resistance band after the first 2 weeks of recovery have passed and moving up to stronger resistance bands over time.

It's always recommended to get confirmation from your doctor as to when it's safe for you to start training or lightweight resistant training.

 Advisable for any beginner to get 1x low-medium resistance band & 1x High resistance band

You will find thousands of resistance training videos online or on youtube for free so you will be able to use these items not just in a gym, with other moms,   but in the comfort of your own home too.

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Color: Light Yellow, Cherry powder, Purple Pink, Fuchsia, Grape purple

Used for: Comprehensive Muscle resistance training 

Department Name: Unisex workout gear: Gym, Pilates, or Home Fitness

Suitable For : Arms,Leg, And Buttocks Exercises

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